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“Beecuz has developed a heartfelt and considerate program that respects the diverse needs of all students. Participating in this program, and hearing Lena’s story, was all that our students needed to allow them to dive deep within, sometimes share, but most importantly learn about who they are. Our students now have the tools they need to keep them strong during any future times of duress. Thanks Lena and the Beecuz team for creating a new paradigm of thinkers and for redefining wellness in a way that is accessible for all learners.”

Mandy Denomme, Teacher
Montessori Academy of London
“As a parent, I was grateful to hear that my school was recognizing the importance of mental health and wellbeing and that Beecuz was helping my daughter develop a toolbox of strategies that she can call upon when dealing with the inevitable stressors that coincide with growing up. For my daughter, and hundreds of other children, Beecuz has served as a catalyst for a lifetime of resilience, grit, joy, and a true sense of worthiness.”

Shawn Butler, Parent of Past Program Participant
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Beecuz program, as it has been an eye opening experience, giving me a unique perspective on mental health. It has expanded my mental health “toolbox” by providing me with useful techniques on maintaining mental well-being. Having seen some of my family members struggle with mental illnesses, Beecuz has also allowed me to become more comfortable talking about their struggles with my friends and family. Overall, the Beecuz program has made me more aware of the importance of maintaining good mental health. Beecuz was not simply an educational workshop, but rather a new way of life that I hope to implement and continue benefiting from throughout my life.”

Esa Ali Islam
Student, Past Program Participant
"Beecuz has drawn on a series of consolidated best-practices in research, health care and education to design a life-changing mental wellness program for youth. It is programs like these and rising stars like Lena who are breaking new ground to better promote the health, wellbeing, and success of future generations. Partnering with her to deliver quality programs will help bring solutions to scale."

Don Wildfong, BNSc, MSc, RN
Freelance Consultant in Health Services & Policy Research,Impact Solutions
“Beecuz was an interesting and educational experience that taught me about mental health and how to take better care of myself. Every young student deserves the opportunity to participate in this program and to experience the life-changing power of mental health education. Beecuz was incredible!”

Student, Past Program Participant
"We need to be much more proactive about preventing mental illness in our youth.  An important strategy is investing in mental health education programs like Beecuz for our children and youth so that they can develop the necessary knowledge and skills to support their wellbeing and cope with life's challenges."

Dr. Arlene MacDougall, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Director of Research & Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
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