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Our Program

A comprehensive, online platform designed to help you seamlessly integrate proactive, positive mental wellness education into your everyday routine. Engage in fun and fast activities with your children to help them develop the knowledge, tools and resources needed to thrive.

Lesson Structure

We believe that, in order to create sustainable change, we must not only enhance the health and wellbeing of our children and youth, but also improve the mental health literacy of parents, educators, physicians, and community leaders, alike. Mental wellbeing is built on a foundation of self-awareness, safe spaces, and supportive relationships. By taking an ecosystem-approach to mental health education, Beecuz helps nurture children's potential to thrive. 

Each of our lessons are broken down into four parts, the first of which is designed for instructors to read in advance of the lesson. This background information is the reason why it's possible to teach our program without prior knowledge or training in positive education. A more detailed overview and samples of each part of a lesson are provided below. 

Lesson Structure



Before teaching a lesson, read these quick and simple summaries of the concepts and skills being taught.



Get started with a brief activity that engages your children and sparks their curiosity. 



Lead an in-depth, interactive activity that challenges children to apply their learning to everyday life.



Curriculum-based rubrics for educators who are integrating Beecuz into their everyday teaching. 

Program Overview

The Hive is a comprehensive online platform, equipped with over 40 interdisciplinary lesson plans that walk you and your children through skills to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Grounded in positive psychology, our program is designed to enhance each of the established five facets of wellbeing: Positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and achievement (PERMA). Our lessons are organized into seven units and address a range of topics including emotional intelligence, mindset, resilience, grit and tenacity, mindfulness, mental health literacy, and more. For a full list of lesson topics, download the Program Overview below. 

Program Overview




Additional Features

We know that teaching and learning about mental wellness requires more than a detailed set of instructions. That's why The Hive has some additional features to ensure our program is as efficient, effective, and accessible as possible. 

Additional Features

Download Materials.

We said our lessons were all inclusive and we meant it! Each lesson is accompanied by detailed presentations, handouts, and worksheets that you can download and use for the designated activity.


Navigate Questions.

It's challenging to know how to answer questions in an accurate and age-appropriate manner. That's why we've provided sample responses for the most frequently asked questions in every lesson.


Discussion Forum.

Engage with other Hive users on an exclusive discussion forum, giving  you the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, overcome challenges, and celebrate successes with likeminded peers.


Office Hours.

Having trouble understanding content? Unsure how to proceed? No worries! Hop onto one of our virtual office hours or send as an email and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Still Not Convinced?

Let us know what you're thinking about and how we can help you start on this journey towards a healthier, happier future. 

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