Our Program
Endorsed by teachers, practitioners, researchers, and parents, Beecuz’ online instructional platform helps teachers build their knowledge and understanding of mental health and positive education strategies.
Beecuz - Bee the change
Built on a strong foundation of scientific research, evidence-based practice, and teacher feedback, Beecuz’ online platform is designed to help teachers:
  • Build confidence in addressing mental health and wellbeing
  • Seamlessly integrate positive educational practice into their current teaching
  • Promote student engagement and success
  • Enhance their mental health literacy
  • Target curriculum expectations with interdisciplinary lessons
  • Create a brave classroom space where everyone can thrive
Beecuz - Redefining Wellness
"Beecuz' workshops challenged my students to think differently about mental health and inspired them to make a difference in their own & other's lives."

Jody Michalofsky
Elementary school teacher
What Beecuz resources are available for you to keep your students minds buzzing brightly?
Beecuz - Redefining Wellness
Teacher Resources

The Hive, Beecuz' online platform, is a comprehensive teaching resource equipped with lesson plans, research, class activities, videos, games, worksheets, and more.

Teachers also have the opportunity to virtually connect with a Beecuz team member who can help navigate the site, overcome a classroom barrier, or clarify information.

  • Quick and easy tutorials to introduce each new skill and build confidence
  • Additional resources for optional, extended learning
  • Research behind each skill and activity
  • Step-by-step guide for how to introduce every topic and teach each lesson
  • Tips for navigating student questions and comments
Virtual Community
Get connected with teachers from across the country who are embarking on a similar journey - a safe space for teachers to ask questions, get feedback, share ideas, and support each other as they step into unfamiliar territory. This incredible resource spurs engagement, inspiration and motivation.
Classroom Resources

Get access to downloadable worksheets, interactive activities, inspirational stories, posters, and primers that give rise to thriving classroom cultures.

  • Over 40 interdisciplinary lesson plans that integrate positive psychology skills into the curriculum
  • Classroom activities and games to solidify learning
  • Multimedia materials: videos, songs, books and quotes
  • Group discussion prompts and reflection questions
  • Monthly updates, spirit day ideas, and awareness building events

"It's so important to have these proactive, research-based programs in order to promote wellness and provide teachers and students with invaluable information."
Rebecca Smith
Academic Outreach Coordinator
Student Resources

Get access to downloadable worksheets, interactive activities, inspirational stories, posters, and primers that give rise to thriving classroom cultures.

  • Worksheets to summarize lessons and accompany activities
  • Journaling prompts and self-reflection practices
  • Community and school resources for mental health support
  • Positive affirmations and positive coping skills  

  • Books and links to additional learning
Beecuz - Wellness Matters
... having the right tools for the job matters.
Teacher ResourcesClassroom ResourcesStudent Resources
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Beecuz - Redefining Wellness