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In this activity…

Students discover fun facts about the human brain to help them better understand how complex and incredible the brain is.


Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, deemed the brain the “most complicated object in the known universe”. Help students understand the complexity and magnificence of their brains by playing a game of Trivia using the downloadable slide deck. This game can either be played individually, or you can split the class into groups of 3-4. For each question, give students (or groups) about 30 seconds to think of an answer and 30 seconds to share their answer, before introducing the correct fact.

NOTE: Some of the facts are about neurons. Before starting the activity, briefly explain that a neuron is the fundamental building block, or the smallest unit, of the nervous system. Tell students that neurons are a kind of cell and let them know that they will learn more about neurons in the actual lesson.

Slide Deck available in download section on this page.