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2. Set

In this activity…

Students watch the video “Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman to understand how they can use their breath to create calm and cultivate mindfulness. They then draw on work from their Emotion Scientist Lab Book to review and become more familiar with the feeling of anger.


Start by watching the video, “Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman.

After watching the video, remind students of a previous lesson where they made Calm Down Jars (which are also referenced in this video) and let students know that they can use different breathing strategies to help the glitter settle in order to think and see more clearly (i.e. to calm down). But before students can use a breathing strategy, they first need to identify how a certain emotion, like anger, feels (this is a visceral sense).

Review that some of the kids in the video talked about feeling out of control, feeling their heart racing, the urge to punch something or to physically release energy. Remind students that the first RULER skill - Recognizing emotions - involves cultivating a visceral sense of how emotions feel and that, in their Lab Book, students completed the “Feel Your Feelings” worksheet. If students have their Lab Book readily available, you can ask them to review this worksheet.

Then, give each student the “Anger Map” handout and ask them to complete the worksheet to develop a deeper understanding of their body's reaction to anger.

Finally, do a quick review of the entire RULER framework by mentioning that it’s necessary to recognize, understand, and label emotions, to be able to appropriately express and effectively regulate emotions. Let students know that they only focused on anger for this exercise because breathing exercises are especially helpful for regulating high-intensity emotions, like anger.

Anger Map worksheet available in this page's download section.