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Lena uses stories as a powerful tool for describing and reflecting on key life messages. These relatable and genuine stories help invoke the minds of the audience and foster deep connections.


By sharing the latest scientific discoveries, research interests and clinical practices, Lena provides the audience with both an enticing and educational experience. 


Presentations are designed to help people reflect on their strengths, set strategic goals, and take steps towards future success, thereby empowering people to become positive change-makers in their own and others lives. 


Lena's unique combination of storytelling, education and coaching, initiates a human-centred and creative problem solving process that helps people feel ready to address the multi-layered, complex problem of mental health.

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Beecuz develops and facilitates innovative skill-based workshops and educational curriculums that provide youth with the tools they need to proactively address and care for their mental health with confidence and autonomy.


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