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2. Set

In this activity…

Students define self-confidence as a skill that can be developed with practice and by shifting self-talk.


Start this activity with a five-minute conversation about self-confidence. Ask students to share what they already know about self-confidence and continue the conversation using any or all of the following questions:

  • Do you think that self-confidence is something that you either do or don’t have or that self-confidence is a learned skill? Why?
  • What factors (positively or negatively) affect your ability to be confident?
  • Can you think of an example of a time when being confident in yourself helped you face a fear or accomplish a goal?

After students have had the opportunity to discuss ideas, watch the TED-Ed video, 3 Tips to Boost Confidence.

After the video, reinforce that self-confidence is, in fact, a learned skill that can be developed through continuous practice. Explain that there are seemingly subtle and simple changes that students can make to the way they talk to themselves and the way they use their body, to greatly increase their sense of self-confidence.

Then, let students know that they will be learning some key strategies for developing self-confidence in the next lesson and direct students towards the confidence-building journal prompts if they are hungry for more self-confidence activities and reflection opportunities.