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Redefining Wellness.

By nurturing creativity, sparking courageous conversations, and kindling curiosity, our programs proactively equip youth with the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to thrive.

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Why Beecuz?


Mental Wellness Education for the Whole Family.

An ecosystem-approach to wellbeing that supports everyone involved in the program.

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Proactive and Positive Education Strategies.

Focusing on wellness to prevent illness.

Striving for north of neutral.

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Become Part of a Virtual Community.

Connect with other parents, community leaders, and educators on an exclusive discussion forum.

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Connect With a Trainer for Support.

Virtual office hours and email support to help you maximize learning and overcome challenges.

People are Buzzing About Beecuz...

It is programs like these that are breaking new ground to better promote the health, wellbeing, and success of future generations. Partnering with her to deliver quality programs will help bring solutions to scale.

My daughter developed a toolbox of strategies that she can call upon when dealing with the inevitable stressors that coincide with growing up. Beecuz has served as a catalyst for a lifetime of resilience, grit, joy, and a true sense of worthiness.

It is critical to invest in mental health education programs like Beecuz so our children and youth can develop the necessary knowledge and skills to support their wellbeing and cope with life's challenges.

Beecuz  has helped me grow more comfortable talking to my friends and family about mental health, and which has shown me a new way of life that I hope to implement and continue benefiting from throughout my life. 

Don Wildfong, BNSc, MSc, RN

Freelance Consultant in Health Services & Policy Research, Impact Solutions

Shawn Butler 

Parent & Program Participant

Dr. Arlene MacDougall, FRCPC

Director of Research & Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry 

Esa Ali Islam

Grade 8 Student & Program Participant


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